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Member's Assistance Committee

Mr. Haider Ali Patel
Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon
Mr. Waseem Hashmi
Mr. Ali A. Rahim
Mr. Arshad Siraj Memon
Ms. Yasmeen Ajani

A monthly publication of the Karachi Tax Bar Association covering information on recent important judicial pronouncements, circulars and clarifications
NV # 1/2002 March, 2002

From the Desk of President


Dear fellow members

It is a matter of great satisfaction and pride for me to share my thoughts with you no the inaugural publication of KTBA'S News & Views" I hope that this monthly publication prepared by the team members of the Members Assistance Sub-committee under the Convenorship of Mr. Haider Ali Patel Will continue to keep the members abreast or latest judicial pronouncements, circulars and other matters of general interest in future also.

Having served you on different office of this association in the past and being fully aware of the interests and needs of the members, I in consultation with my senior colleagues on the bar have endeavored to chalk out a comprehensive programme best suited endeavored to chalk out a comprehensive programme best suited to meet these ends. This timely publication of the first issue of "News and Views" proves our sincerity of purpose and our resolve to successfully complete our programmme with your co-operation Insha-Allah.

We are sure that the above information will be used as an effective tool by the members of this August Institution to discharge the heavy responsibility they carry on their shoulder in such a professional and thorough manner that not only the just and fair requirements of our clients are met, but also due taxes are collected well within time. We are also duty bound to help the governments through suggestion and recommendation on the basis of our experience to enable them to frame a policy which is conducive to promoting a culture of voluntary compliance and payment of tax. If we ensure such a conduct from ourselves and help the Government in collection of tax from ourselves and help the Governments in collection of tax from wherever genuinely due it will give a tremendous boost to the economic growth and development of the country and it will be no mean achievement my friends, I assure you.

On this note before saying Khuda Hafiz to you I want to thank you once again for the confidence reposed in me and my colleagues by electing us unopposed and assure you of our best efforts for you and for the beloved country of ours. I once again congratulate the members of "Member Assistance Sub-committee" for their unmatchable efforts, I am confident that with the blessing of Almighty Allah and with your co-operation we will make it together a year to remember.

Abdul Qadir Memon

Message of the Convenor- Members Assistance Sub-committee


Dear Members,

On behalf of the Members Assistance Sub-committee, I am pleased to present the frist issue of "KTBA'S News & Views".

One of the major tasks taken up by the newly elected managing committee of the Karachi Tax Bar Association for the years 2002 is to keep the member of the bar abreast of the changes and developments taking place in the tax law and latest judicial pronouncements made b the Tribunal / Superior Courts.

With this goal in mind our sub-committee has been assigned the task of issuing a monthly news bulletin to inform the members of the latest developments in law. I hope that you will appreciate this endeavor and would request you to suggest ud about how to further improve the publication in order to assist the members in improving their Knowledge and efficiency in the profession.

We also plan to include in our future issues update on important un-reported decisions and clarifications that members may be aware of and request you to please provide us such information so that it can shared with the members of the bar through this publication.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank the members of the sub-committee for putting in their time and effort in making this publication possible and hope that they would continue to work with the same level of enthusiasm in future as well. I also thank the president and other members of the managing committee for guiding us in our endeavor.

With best regards.

Haider Ali Patel, ACA
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