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Dear Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the Bar for reposing confidence in me & electing me to lead the Bar this year. Our term of office has a great significance that it is not the start of the year but it is the start of the decade therefore we have to evaluate our past and set the trends for the future. Now-a-days, taxation is a very relevant term and everybody has acknowledge the importance of tax but unfortunately since last 64 years, we have failed to broaden the tax base at par with the economic spectrum in our country.  Nevertheless, if we respond to this very fact today that without paying the due tax the economy would not be stabilized and sustainable.

I would encourage all of you to play your vital role in broadening the tax base and emphasis your client to pay their due share of tax within due course of time. But on the other hand, I also wish to see the government (FBR) to respond in a positive manner rather than changing the policies frequently and imposing the tax in the mid-night without any consensus with the stake-holders.

Being the President of the Bar, I would also suggest all of you to enhance your professional capability and capacity to serve your clients in the best possible manner and this would be the contribution which will go long way for the development and prosperity of the country.

According to James M. Wayne:

“The payment of taxes gives a right to protection.”
Thanking you and looking forward for your continuous support.

President: Abdul Aziz Tayabani

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