Our Objectives

a.   To take over the assets of “Income Tax Practitioners” Association vide its Resolution dated 23rd April, 1986 and to succeed the same.

b.    To establish closer relations and understanding among the members of the Association.

c.     To look after, safeguard and protect the rights and privileges of the members of the Association.

d.   To establish promote and maintain high standards of honesty, efficiency and integrity among the members of the Association in the conduct of profession so as to enhance the status, dignity, prestige and honour of the profession.

e.   To establish a code of conduct based on high standards of professional ethics and etiquette and to ensure its observance by the members of the Association.

f.     To discuss from time to time common problems and difficulties experienced by the members in the conduct of the profession and to strive for solving the same.

g.    To study problems of Accountancy, Audit, and Commercial and other Laws affecting Taxation and to keep a close watch on the practical working of the income Tax and other taxation laws, and in the light of cumulative experience to approach the authorities for clarifications of ambiguities and for removal of provisions creating hardships of practitioners as well Tax Payers.

h.     To foster and maintain closer connection with various Mercantile Associations, Chambers of Commerce and other Trade Organizations, to discuss matters relating to Fiscal, Financial, and Taxation Policy of the Government, to enlighten Tax Payers On Various matters affecting their Interest and to make representations to Government and Legislative bodies.

i.      To seek recognition of the Association by the Income tax Revenue and other Government Authorities as the Sole Spokesman of the profession.

j.       To establish and maintain a Library and Reading Room for the benefit of members and to subscribe, to literature, Journals, magazines, periodicals and other publications dealing with Taxation, Law, Accountancy, Audit and Allied subjects.

k.       To provide for social and recreational amenities for the members of the Association.

l.      To raise subscriptions and donation and to accept gifts for the purpose of furthering the object of the Association and to spend maneys in accomplishing these objects.

m.    To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any property moveable or immoveable which may be deemed necessary or convenient for any of the purposes the Association.

n.   To prints and publish any news or views, magazines, papers, periodicals, books, pamphlets or leaflets that the association may think desirable for the promotion of its objects.

o.      To manage, sell, lease, mortgage, dispose of, or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Association.

p.      To borrow or raise moneys is such manner as the Association may deem fit.

q.      To invest any moneys of the Association not immediately required in such manner as may be determined from time to time.

r.      To open, maintain, adjust, state, operate and close Banking Accounts of every descriptions, to draw, issue, accept, make, endorse, negotiate, and deal otherwise with all cheques, bills bills of exchange, drafts, hundies and other negotiable instruments of all kinds.

s.    To establish funds, trusts, and other conveniences calculated to benefit the employees or ex-employees of the Association or the dependents of such person and to grant pensions, allowances, or to extend other aid.

t.       To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

u.    To render financial help to the surviving dependents of a deceased member or to such members as may have become incapacitated for performance of their normal professional duties and for the achievement of the aforesaid object to extablish such funds or float such schemes as may be necessary and feasible.

v.     To affiliate or integrate with any national or regional association of tax consultants or practitioners as may have been established for subjects similar to those of the Income Tax Bar Association, Karachi.