The Year 2019

12-July-2019: “Seminar on Implications of Finance Acts, 2019 (Federal & Provincial Taxes)””

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9-July-2019: ” Request for Clarification on the acceptability of the declaration filed under the Asset Declaration Ordinance, 2019″

July-201_PK-Revenue Letter-Chairma-FBr-Clarif1 Letter-Chairman-FBR-Clarif2

5-July-2019: “Request for Clarification on the acceptability of the declaration filed under the Asset Declaration Ordinance, 2019.””

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30-June-2019: “Request for Extension of Due Date for Filing of Assets Declaration”

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14-June-2019: Press coverage of “Post Budget Seminar 2019 – 2020”

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07-May-2019: Press coverage of “Pre-Budget Seminar 2019 – 2020”

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29-Mar-2019:”Press coverage of Committee Election 2019″

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19-Mar-2019:”Awareness Session for NPOs & their service providers for mitigation of risk of Money Laundering / Terrorist Financing – FATF recommendations

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8-Mar-2019:” Inclusion of taxpayers name in Active Taxpayer’s List for the Tax Year 2018″

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22-February 2019: “Seminar on Taxation of Foreign Income and Jurisdiction of AEOI””

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The Year 2018

29-December 2018: “Request for Extension in time for Filing of Companies Tax Return/ Statement of Final Taxation Tax Year 2018.”

ref-388-28-dec-2018pk-reven ref-388-29-dec-2018bussines ref-388-29-dec-2018dawn

Extension in returns filing date urged

29-nov-2018-pk-revenue 30-nov-2018-business-rec 30-nov-2018-the-news

Awareness Seminar on “Closure of Audit under the Newly Introduced Section 214E” of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.”

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Seminar 25-10-2018

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